These participants have confirmed their presence in our 2017 edition:

Market (daytime)

-Nyssen Dominique - Titado - Recycling bags and leather into new bags
-Zjef Crabbé - Airbrush
-Rescue-D recycled Rubber - recycling used car tires
-Aut is Outside - How to live ecologically and environmentally-friendly with a small income.
-De Vuurvinger - Pyrography, engraving on wood using as many recycled materials as possible.
-Bodegaz Jeroen Boogaerts - Upcycling wood and other things
-Frederic Frare - ICE-training- personal training
-Laetitia De Block - Natural Marseille soap, biological olive oil and wine
-De Wroeter - Biological fruit and vegetables, homemade and local products
-Foodtruck Icy-V - Vegan icecream

Art etcetera

-Niels Vaes (Brussels) - visual arts
-Steven Palmen (Tongeren) - Visual arts
-Veerle Huyghe - Herman Rohaert - live poetry reading with Herman Rohaert
-Herman Rohaert - live poetry act + filmed poetry
-Dictator Chips (Maastricht)
-Bart Dewolf - Designs
- Ivan Vander Biesen - Photo Exposition

Bands (evening)

-Slow Bear/ - one-man band
-Aftertaste - Tongeren-based Instrumental Band
-Cabal.22 - Tongeren-based Band
-Crystal Cabinet - Alternative psychedelic rock music/Hasselt Kraakcafe

Want to participate ?

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Here is the list of the first Edition 2016