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Workshop-Talk (will be in English)

at 13:00 (exact hour to be confirmed): Thomas Tajo - Workshop/talk "Echolocation: bringing trust back to our bodies (English-spoken)."

Thomas Tajo is a researcher and blind echolocation and perceptual navigation trainer for the World Access for the Blind. Thomas became blind at the age of 8 and taught himself to actively echolocate. For the last few years he has been travelling around the world giving echolocation and mobility lessons and workshops. His goal is to teach people to harness the use of their non-visual skills effectively. He will demonstrate how echolocation works and will conduct exercises with the participants. Here's an example video of how he works with a child in the park

Market (daytime)

-Zjef Crabbé - Airbrush
-Rescue-D recycled Rubber - recycled rubber innertubes
-Aut is Outside - How to live ecologically and environmentally-friendly with a small income.
-De Vuurvinger - Pyrography, engraving on wood using as many recycled materials as possible.
-Bodegaz Jeroen Boogaerts - Upcycling wood and other things
-Frederic Frare - ICE- body control- personal training
-Laetitia De Block - Natural Marseille soap, biological olive oil and wine
-De Wroeter - Biological fruit and vegetables, homemade and local products
-Ivan Valerio - Recycled bottles & Design
-Les Cadavres Exquis - Worskhops clothing recycling
-Lampshaped - Lamps made of recycled materials and found wood
-Bite Back - Animal rights, vegan food and VR iAnimal experience
-Junk Not (Philipines) - Upcycled Plastic Waste & Community Empowerment
-Buddy Kat - Hulp aan aidskatten
-Power People - Feel good advice/workshops - yoga, detox, healthy food

Food and drinks

-Foodtruck Icy-V - Vegan icecream
-Foodtruck De ecotariër - sugarfree/glutenfree/plant-based healthy food
-Foodtruck Vegan Delight - Plant-based deliciousf food
-Helder Swartelé - De Wilde Wei - fruitsappen van diverse soorten fruit
-Bite Back bakesale
-The Pub Musicafe (Tongeren) - Bar basement floor
-Tripel K beer brewed by Bio'senza Hoeselt available in bar


-Niels Vaes (Brussels) - visual arts
-Steven Palmen (Tongeren) - Visual arts
-Veerle Huyghe - Herman Rohaert - live poetry reading with Herman Rohaert
-Herman Rohaert - live poetry act + filmed poetry
-Dictator Chips (Maastricht)
-Bart Dewolf - Designs
-Ivan Vander Biesen - Photo Exposition
-Henri Savenay - Digital photoproduction and assembled art
-Geneviève Babe - Painting
-Jurgen Vanhees (Tongeren) - art with waste metal
-Sarah Maesen - digital collages
-Jee Kast - Word & language artist
-Herman Rohaert + Veerle Huyghe + Hilde Vanhove - live poetry act


-Slow Bear/ - one-man band
-Aftertaste - Tongeren-based Instrumental Band
-Cabal.22 - Tongeren-based Band
-Crystal Cabinet - Alternative psychedelic rock music/Hasselt Kraakcafe
-Coyote House - Shamrock
-Tonsils - Indie from Hasselt
-Smäris - Heavy Tongeren-based Band
-D-ment - Tongeren-based Band
-Alien Ambulance (Nl band)

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Bands, market stands, foodtrucks, artists can mail us via the contact page.