CONSCIENZA 2017 - the aftermath !

Great thanks to the people who lend us the PA, the sound egineer Wim, Jeroen Somers who gave us Hippodroom, and all others ! Oneindige dankbaarheid aan de mannen die de PA hebben uitgeleend, Wim de geluidman, Jeroen Somers die de Hippodroom beheert en alle anderen ! The arrangeing went so well because of everyone just helping out for free whenever they could by helping to drag heavy stuff, to make music, or to come all the way to Hippodroom to put his stand out and to hang out with people all day !

A series of photos of edition 2017 is here in our facebook.

Also, the event on facebook shows some photos and updates.


The theme for this year’s festival is MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, focused on making the most of the resources we have available to us, in terms of our people and reusable materials.

We gather citizens of the world, thinkers and feelers, beyond entitlement, nationality or allegiance to government to show what they do to make this post-capitalist, climate-changed world a better place.

The CONSCIENZA Festival will take place on the 23rd of September 2017 at Hippodrome in Tongeren, the oldest town of Belgium.

The festival bar will be organised by our partner Pub Musicafé Tongeren, which also gave us this location to use.
Admission is FREE.
Parking is FREE.

conscienza festival

Our vision

As the swans arrive from Arctic Russia in wetlands of Belgium and early sunsets blind our windows, we give a new life to things of the past that have been around for decades or even centuries. In the very mid of October dozens of creative reusers gather in the small village of Geer (Province of Liege) to enjoy an eclectic mixture of eco-friendly artists, vendors, craftsmen, artisans, performers in a truly beautiful and historical setting.

Conscienza festival is all about getting back to nature while observing/listening/talking to fantastic people who live by the philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle – to help keep those skies and seas looking great!